María Marín, Guitarist and flamenco singer born in Utrera and resident in The Netherlands.

Maria began her guitar studies when she was seven years old in Utrera, Spain, and continued at the Professional conservatory of music CPM “Francisco Guerrero” of Seville, where she studied middle degree studies. Later she continued the higher studies at the Higuer conservatory of music Manuel Castillo of Seville with the teacher and concert guitarist Antonio Duro, obtaining outstanding grades in some subjets. She received a Master Study of guitar in Koninklijk Conservatorium (Den Haag, Netherlands 2012) with teacher Zoran Dukic.

Although she has worked on various occasions as a flamenco singer in Spain, in 2012 is when she decided to dedicate herself professionally to the art that has always been apart of her popular culture, flamenco singing. With her self taught way of singing, she has collaborated in projects involving flamenco, jazz, and world music forming part of diverse recorded works which have led her to go on tour performing throughout Holland and many other countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and France. Assiduously she has been invited as a teacher for dance accompaniment by the Codarts Conservatory – University for the Arts, Rotterdam. She has sung for many great flamenco dance artists such as Jose Manuel El Oruco, and has accompanied master classes and workshops for artists such as Belen Maya, Farruquito, Patricia Guerrero, and Manuel Betanzos. She is currently working in Jazz and flamenco.

Special mention to:

She was a part member invited to the Andalusian program for young instrumentalists Programa Andaluz para jóvenes Instrumentistas – Orquesta Joven de Andalucía, where she received a master class of guitar and chamber music by Francisco Padilla. She has played works of Joaquín Rodrigo such as “Concierto Madrigal”, “Fantasía para un Gentil Hombre” and several quintets of Bocherini. She collaborated with the guitar encounter (ensemble of 12 guitars) of the higher school of music Wurzburg, as soloist in the presentation of the work “Electric Counterpoint”, of the author Steven Reich and offering concerts in Córdoba and Seville. In 2009 interpreted the Concierto de Aranjuez as a guitar soloist with the Student Orchestra of Utrecht, Netherlands. She perfectedher studies with master classes by Alex Garrobe, Pablo Marquez, Marco Smaili, Juan Francisco Padilla, Marco Socias, Erik Standstedvold, Fernando Rodriguez, Sven Lundstard, Carlo Marchione, RicardoGallen, and Peter Berlin Carlsson, among others. She has collaborated in the chamber music project directed by Zoran Dukic (April 2012) making a tour of concerts throughout the Netherlands. As a flamenco singer, soloist in Canciones Populares Españolas de Federico Garcia Lorca with the Orquesta Joven de Andalucía, directed by brilliant master Michael Thomas (theatre “Manuel de Falla” Cádiz 2006) and member of the choir coro Joven de Andalucia (2007 to 2010).

Festivals: Flamenco Biënnale Nederland, Royal concertgebouw Orchestra Horizon Festival (Amsterdam), Embassy Festival (Den Haag), Twents gitaar Festival (Enschede), North Sea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam), Jazz International Rotterdam, Flamenco a 21º (Sevilla, Spain) and Jazz in Lochem.