Project Description

La Charla/The Conversation

La Charla / The Conversation is a creative form of interaction. Spontaneous communication between four artists, from different disciplines within the art of flamenco, dialogue alternately expressing their ideas, emotions, and artistic concerns. A Conversation is established using the language of flamenco and classical music where the four components of the group relate their artistic concerns. They will demonstrate how purity in flamenco only exists in metaphorical sense and can only come from profound honesty and sincerity with oneself. Three emigrants and one gaditano are in search of their origins as artists with the intention of unveiling more than just an illusion of what identity can signify for each individual. La Charla / The Conversation is flamenco presented in a theatrical manner fused with dance and classical music.


Cristina Hall Dance and Choreography.

María Marín Classical Guitar and Singer.

Tino van der Sman Flamenco Guitar.

Raúl Botella Percussion.

Ada Bonadei Lighting Design.

Felix Vázquez Sound Technician.